Monday, March 30, 2020

More Garden Pics

   Some more garden pics and a couple of unwanted
   that keep scaring the birds, next doors bloody cats,
   taken during the Lockdown.



Peter Smith said...

They are a fine pair of moggies. I love cats - their intelligence, their independence, their affection when they know you. It is upsetting when they catch a bird, but this is how nature ensures that only the strongest and most 'streetwise' birds survive to breed. In a good year a pair of blue tits might fledge 15 young, and if two of these survive the winter the population stays stable. Every habitat has its predators, and the cat and the sparrowhawk seem to be the ones for gardens. (I hope I don't get expelled from the blog for defending the birder's mortal enemy?!)

heavy birder said...

I am with you Pete.

Dave Brotherton said...

They're friendly enough Peter, but a pain when trying to take pics of birds lol