Sunday, March 29, 2020

Garden Lockdown Pics

  A few pics from the garden in these tough times,
  had a visit from a Linnet which was a nice surprise
  last night a Grey Heron nearly came through my
  window believe it or not and the Sparrowhawk doing
  plenty of garden swoops.

   Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Dunnock,
   Kestrel, Blue & Great Tit, Blackbird, Grey Heron,
   Sparrowhawk, Corvids, a few Gulls and Pigeons, Collared
   Dove, Linnet and Butterflies and Bees were seen from Garden.
   Green Woodpecker was flying about and yaffling and the
   Skylarks in the field were singing well.


David Sutcliffe said...

Nice pictures and update Dave. Some good habitat tat the back of your house pays dividends. Really nice to get Linnet on the garden feeder.

NTBR said...

Good to see the photos Dave-keep 'em coming.

Brian Sumner . said...

Amazing where all these species appear from Dave, possibly Shibden Valley. The Linnets will be from the Ringby area above you. It looks like a good spot wherever they come from.

Dave Brotherton said...

Cheers lads, yeah it is a decent spot where I am based, Ive had Linnets on feeders for last 3 years but I was lucky this time coz the feeder that is their favourite blew off and broke in the wind, one with a plate on where they like to land so Ill have to purchase another one, best bird in the garden as been Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on feeders the xmas day before last but not seen it since
worst luck.

Dave Brotherton said...

Oh and Osprey the other year that scared me to death one night, that I posted on here