Friday, March 27, 2020


There is much needed clarity for how current restrictions affect our birding on the "bbc news (UK)" website. Look at the item headed "Police fine people over social distancing". There it is reported that the head of the National Police Chiefs Council says that exercise more than once a day is NOT banned. The key requirement is to avoid going close to someone who is not a household member.

There is a link to the complete wording of the emergency legislation that was passed yesterday. This has a list of justifiable reasons for leaving home. One of these is for the purpose of exercise - with nothing said about how many times a day we can exercise.

If you have a dog and no garden, it would amount to cruelty only to take it out once a day.

Good birding, Pete


Unknown said...

Why not just follow the advice and stay in if you dont care about yourself think about others you may pass it onto a few months lost birding amounts to nothing at the momentso dont look for loopholes just so you can go out.

Peter Smith said...

Thanks for the comment 'Unknown'. It's not about looking for loopholes. Exercise makes our immune system stronger, and with a strong immune system we are less likely to have to use the hospital if we do get Covid-19. The virus spreads by someone breathing in droplets that a sufferer has breathed out. If we keep well away from the few people we might meet when out birding, there is no way we can infect them, even if we have started to breathe out the virus. The risky places are shops and public transport, where there's no breeze to shift the virus - and most of us can't avoid at least one of these. Pete (MB, BChir)

Unknown said...

Update to rules for going out yes get exercise but stay local.

Peter Smith said...

Agreed, thanks