Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Fly Flatts, Slade and Cold Edge Road

A quick trip out this afternoon in the hope of seeing BS's Ring Ouzel. It's a good job he was there, it took some picking out but thanks for the location Bri. Distant views for PB and me as access is denied due to construction works on site, but it was good enough from the top road. Some very nice photo's on West Yorkshire Birding blog.

Who's that on Rouzel watch !!!

On the way back I had a chance scan at the long pile of stones at Slade. Another, or was it the same, that had moved down there out of the wind. Both views were of males so maybe one , maybe 2 birds in the area - I suspect just the one ?.

You might just be able to see the distant Ring Ouzel at Slade if you click on the photo to enlarge !!!!!

A pair of nice Redshank down Cold Edge Road


Brian Sumner . said...

Glad you got it Dave. I,ve had the Fly Flatts Ouzel up by the top gate so possibly the same bird?
Notice I,ve ditched my yellow high vis vest for a paramedic green one. The rules say a high vis vest must be worn but they dont say what colour and I have,nt been pulled about it yet.

David Sutcliffe said...

I think the Ring Ouzel was quite taken with your outfit seeeing as how confiding it was.

Dave Brotherton said...

Well done Dave and nice Redshanks mate, the Giant Green thingamajig was a good find as well.