Tuesday, March 13, 2018


A call from DF this afternoon after picking out a grey wader with the Golden Plover flock sounded interesting. A later call from Dave and Nick confirmed the bird to be a Knot and it was still with the Golden Plover flock. Another great find of a scarce inland visitor for our area and certainly not recorded here annually.

I went up there later on with AT. No problem finding the Golden Plover flock (maybe 180 ish) in the north-west field along with a good number of Lapwings and a few Starlings. Scoping through we could not locate the bird.
This was made more difficult as a Sparrowhawk passed through and the birds would not settle for long before they were 'spooked' again and again. We were just about to give up at 16:35 when 2 Oystercatchers came in from the Scammonden direction, along with a smaller wader. They flew right passed us and it was the Knot. All three tried to settle but the lack of any decent shore-line put them off. They did a few circuits then went high, back towards  Scammonden.
What a great bird, thanks to DF's vigilance in finding it in the first place. Thank's Dave.

A fantastic end to the afternoon with a few half-decent shots. We worked hard for that one Alan !
Then on the way back we rounded off the afternoon with  Barn Owl..


AndyC said...

Well done with the pics Dave..

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Great stuff - well done.
Great pics as well

Dave Franz said...

Nice one Dave.

NTBR said...

Well done Dave and Dave.

Dave Pennington said...

Still present in the W field with Goldies late morning today, 14th.

Dave Pennington said...

NW field I mean.

David Sutcliffe said...

many thanks or the update David.