Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Other news today

13 Whooper Swans on Cold Edge dams at some point mid afternoon but they didn't stay. (MH)

3 Whooper Swans on Lower Gorple late afternoon (M E)

4 Greylag Geese over Green Withens today (TW) and another 8 >SE over Wainstalls mid morning.

Luddenden - we came a cross a small flock of Redpoll in an area of birch woodland. Trying to get a decent photo was more than difficult in the gloom of the woodland and restless birds. This was the best I could do. They are certainly a scarce bird in Calderdale nowadays, especially this year. They are occasional on garden feeders and most often found either in birch or alder trees in winter.
Lesser Redpoll

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice find with the Redpoll Dave.
I Haven't seen one in Bradshaw in yonks.