Thursday, March 22, 2018

Massive Raptor over Claremount

  Large Raptor was soaring over Claremount in the low light,
  believe me it was big especially the wingspan a lot bigger than
  a Buzzard and made crows look very small, my first thought was
  Marsh Harrier and then Osprey the way it was soaring, I was
  shocked to see it just above my back garden and low too, but
  with the low light all I got was a silhouette, by the time I got my
  camera it was flying  towards the Shroggs Park area and I only
  got a rear end shot of it and my camera settings were all wrong
  for the light and no time to change them and with shaking with
  excitement and then frustration, I hope somebody else on here
  seen it or can help with ID. The pics are very distant shots.



Sandra said...

My daughter-in-law reported seeing an osprey over Tod High School on Wednesday p.m. flying north.

heavy birder said...

Looks like Osprey, large bill, bowed wings and short square tail point to this species.

Muxy said...

Well done for getting some shots away to help those with the expertise. It's a good job you've got that huge lens!

Dave Brotherton said...

Haha int it just Moxy, thing is any lens would of done at first if I'd of had the camera handy,
I'm still in shock about it and amazed at how close it was and so low, just wish it hadn't of been
so dark. I showed a colleague at work who's a bit of an expert and straight away he said "oh that's easy
it's an Osprey" and he does know his stuff, he travels all over the country and abroad twitching.
What I do know is, it was an amazing sight to see and a beautiful bird and its wingspan was just WOW.
Obviously the pics don't do it justice and I'm amazed that a bird like that would be over Claremount Rd,
But I'm so glad it was.

NTBR said...

Well done Dave.

Dave Brotherton said...

Checked my old diary and also had a Osprey over the same area last year,
but it was August 19th 2017, early morning that time but flying in the same direction
but much higher in the sky.

Steve Blacksmith said...

You did well to get what you did. At least you tried!