Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Various sites

Mixenden Reservoir - pair of Goosander, 70+ B H Gulls, 35+ Common Gulls, 1 adult L B B Gull.
The plantation turned up nothing at all though I went in looking fro Woodcock. It's a bog in there but some of the habitat has lots of potential - when the quads and off-roaders aren't in there !!!

Shibden Valley - Sunny Vale was productive on the lake but hardly any passerines anywhere. It's a welly job there too !
2 Little Grebe
2 Coot
c10 Moorhen
1 Grey Heron
10+ Mallard


Brian Sumner said...

Bikes are always at mixie on sunday.
Good to try a different location. Not been to sunny vale for years

Brian Sumner said...
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David Sutcliffe said...

Sunny vale is definately another welly job !

mike stead said...

On Monday there were 4 Teal and 2 Cormorants at Sunny Vale,Dave and my first Green Woodpecker of the year,yaffling nearby. Plus a dozen Siskins further downstream.

David Sutcliffe said...

Hi Mike. I usually get Teal there as well in the top corner. The Grey Heron was there so maybe it spooked them. I always look for Water Rail at the top end (just had one once)though plenty room for them to hide there !