Saturday, January 09, 2016

Luddenden Dean

Took a walk in the upper dean today from Wainstalls, down to the 'catty' and on to the Lower Lodge then back up the fields and along Castle Carr Road. A walk for the exercise more than anything. A dull overcast day with thick cloud and damp conditions, but it didn't rain !.
Not a lot to report  though a solitary Raven high flyover >E was nice to hear and see.
c4 Kestrels over Midgley Moor
1 Treecreeper in Hayes Wood
1 Little Owl near Bridge Terrace, Wainstalls
A few Chaff's, Blue and Great Tits going to roost towards Castle Carr
c50 Jackdaws near Saltonstall
No winter thrushes in the dean was unusual for this time of year !
Other than that a shoot was going on over Castle Carr - probably Pheasants and maybe Woodpigeons - so just hope they left anything else alone.

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