Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pepper Hill

Not a lot up there this afternoon though it was a pleasant walk along Hag Lane at the back of the ski-slope and around the fields above Claremount.
c60 Redwings and 5 Fieldfare in one field along with a few corvids and Common Gulls
Looking down from the top towards Shibden Park there looked to be 5 Mute Swans - 2 adults with juveniles on the park lake.


AndyC said...

I had 6 Mute yesterday 4 juv and 2 adults, plenty of Coots and Moorhens about..but no tufties,,,

David Sutcliffe said...

Ta for the update Andy - I wondered if there was another juv half out of site from where I was on the hill top. We certainly don't get many Mute Swans nowadays though I think there could still be one or more on the mill pond at Kebroyd.