Thursday, January 07, 2016

High Royd

Still raining !! but I thought I would give this site near Sowerby Bridge a go for an hour or so this morning with the thought of Water Rail in mind ! No such luck on that score but the habitat looks perfect - it's just a big problem seeing anything through the trees (even worse in summer)!
4 Grey Heron
15+ Teal
30+ Mallard
c20 B H Gull
Not a sign of any Moorhen or Coot which traditionally used to use this site when the sludge lagoons wer kept clear of vegetation
1 male Sparrowhawk looking wet through and miserable in the top of  a tree
1 Treecreeper and a few Blue and Great Tits
30+ Carrion Crows on the filter beds
40+ Jackdaws in the woodland
 Filter beds
  Overgrown Sludge Lagoons
 Rochdale Canal >E
Rochdale Canal >W

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