Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ringstone and Booth Wood Res'rs

Ringstone Res'r
2 'Tufted Duck' still there feeding in the shallows near the shoreline late evening (AndyK's recent find) - they still both show some similarities with Scaup with the female showing the white blaze at the base of the bill and the drake eclipse showing shades of grey towards the rear of its back - but they were too far away to 'nail' them. If any photographers can get decent shots of the female or drake's bill that could be a big help to securing the id !
just 1 Grey Heron also present

Booth Wood Res'r
8 Cormorants there this morning


FRAN44 said...

No Tufted at Ringstone early morning.

Andy Kiz said...

Might try again this week but still think they are tufties! Thanks for checking again, just need them closer to the road for pics!

AndyC said...

They dont look anything like scaup when you see them,funny things photos....