Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jay House Lane 03.07.12

Had a walk up Jay House Lane this lunchtime to see if I could find the Little Owl reported, low and behold it flew out from beside me, up the road and perched up on a post! Sat there for some time which gave me fantastic first views of a Little Owl! As I moved closer a wagon came rumbling down the hill & flushed the owl into the field where it perched atop a tree for a while before dissappearing.

Thanks to Fran44 for posting the location, had a very enjoyable time!

Also saw 1 Moorhen on the pond along with 2 adult and 2 very well looking juvenile Canadian Geese. There were 2 Chiffchaffs singing away, one of which I could see and inbetween calls was making a very 'scratchy' sound which resembled the first part of reed warbler song. Has anyone else heard this before?


AndyC said...

I saw Little Owl at Gorpley today,along with recent sightings from Langfield,Midgley,Cragg Vale and Cold edge..

DJSutcliffe said...

I have noticed some local Chiff's do make other sounds as well as the usual zip - zap. I know the sound you mean Andy and I think it occurs when they have established territory and maybe have young/chicks in the nest or female is brooding.(?)

Andy Kiz said...

Interesting stuff DJ, I think i've heard it once before as it caught me out once. It was quite comical it was putting so much effort into its call it fell off a branch into an adjacent tree!