Friday, July 13, 2012

Ogden Wader

Doing work experience with the countryside service this week, and was up at ogden today. At around 9.30 this morning something flushed a wader by the duck feeding area. I was by the shop trimming bushes and only got a view of its back as it flew along the dam wall and landed at the far end. I was unable to follow it, due to being on work experience, and even if I had done I would still probably not have been able to identify it. What I saw of it was that it was a pale, sandy, grey-brown colour, It was about the size of a dunlin and had a distinct white rump. I have had a look in the book and all the waders matching this are unlikely candidates. Does anybody have any ideas? I know the description is not great, but its what I saw. It diddnt call as it was flushed, so I really have no idea.


Matt Bell said...

Although your desription of 'pale' goes against this, could it have been a green sandpiper?

DJSutcliffe said...

Green Sandpiper is probably the most likely at this time of year, with a white rump, but they are very dark above and dark underwing, and they usually give a call when flushed.
Common Sand is the other candidate, which is much paler than Green Sand but no white rump but has white sides to tail and a white wing bar.
One that got away then Daniel!

dishfish said...

I had a look at green sandpiper and it diddnt have the black patterning on the tail that a green sandpiper would have. I think It was probably a dunlin that I caught at a funny angle and at a distance. I guess we will never know though, thanks anyway