Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Crimsworth Dean

Pretty quiet in the dean today but one or two things of interest especially c6 Lesser Redpoll in an area of recent tree planting. I guess these are breeding birds which are scarce in Calderdale with only a handful of known sites. Also a pair of Siskin - another scarce breeder in our area. 3 singing Goldcrests was also good to hear but no sign of any Spotted Fly's.
Elsewhere 2 Little Owls
1 Kestrel
c100 Swifts feeding over the dean
Waders were very quiet other than 1 Snipe 'drumming', a couple of Lapwing and a few Curlew with 11 of the latter high over the moor heading SW


Jeff Cox said...

Hi Dave. I've had juv Siskin and Redpoll on the feeders here over the past 2 weeks and my guess is the Siskins may be nesting in the plantation at Sunderland Pasture, so the trip from there to our garden isn't far at all. I'll have a look at the records for Siskin up there to see if any have been logged over the years.

AndyC said...

I had 4 redpoll Juvs at Broadhead Clough on Monday,6 juvs at Blackshaw Head plantation in early June and 2 in Sunderland pasture on Tuesday.I also had them copulating at Cromwell Bottom in May so they are a resident breeder for sure.