Monday, July 02, 2012

Jay House Lane

Jay House Manure Pile this dinner time

House Sparrow  c15
Tree Sparrow  3
Meadow Pipit 2
Curlew 2
Linnet 4
Swallow c20
Pied Wagtail  4 adult, 11 juveniles

Lower down Jay House

Moorhen 1
Little Owl 1


Steve Cummings said...

That's a pretty poor number of Tree Sparrows Fran......I'd be expecting thirty-odd at this time of year. Does not bode well.

Andy Kiz said...

Where was the little owl? I've been walking up there for months & never seen one!

FRAN44 said...

In the field opposite the pond,
best about dinner time.

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks Fran, will have a go this lunchtime, was it on a wall or something?