Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Lee Mount (yesterday)

I was more than a little surprised to come across a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Lee Mount yesterday. I had jut finished grass cutting, late morning, in the churchyard with a colleague when we heard a commotion in the tall Lime tree next to Lilac Street. Great-spotted Woodpeckers were making  a racket and we tried to pick them out in the canopy. Searching through the branches I was totally surprised to see a Lesser-spotted creeping about on the underside of a dead branch showing the obvious barring along its back. It was only in view for a few moments but enough for a conclusive i d before it flew off towards Shroggs Park closely followed by 2 Great spots - still making a lot of noise and obviously seeing off the lesser-spotted.
I suspect this was a female as it showed no red on the head - or perhaps it was a dispersing juvenile? This is my first ever record of Lesser-spotted in Lee Mount but guess its well on its way now though there is plenty of suitable habitat in Shroggs Park and in the Wheatley Valley!


darrell j prest said...

excellent record dave, well done

Brian Sumner . said...

Great stuff Dave, well found . A Gt Spotted would do me for now. You certainly turn some good birds up at Lee Mount.

Jeff Cox said...

Well done Dave, a great spot (well, a lesser obviously but y'know what I mean!).