Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lee Mount

c45 Black-headed Gulls this evening spiralling up on a late thermal - they circled up very high till nearly out of sight in the sky then they all drifted off SW about 9.0 pm. Just an odd Swift about this evening as well as I stayed out a while listening for possible waders going over - but nothing doing. It looks the right sort of evening so may have a listen later on.


AndyC said...

Had 5 groups of 50+ about 8.30 going nn/e last night and a smaller group of LBBGulls abour 30.

AndyC said...

Had 70 BHGulls inc 10 juvs and 6 LBBgulls on the Cricket pitch today
Keep an eye out for med Gulls.If you see gulls in a field stop and look throgh um...only a matter of time before you get something..