Saturday, March 06, 2021

Ringstone Reservor

 A Black-necked Grebe found this morning (DF). Another great find Dave. The bird was quite mobile around various parts of the reservoir early on till it latched on to following a drake Tufted Duck around. A few 'birders' turned up and we saw it catching small fish and at one stage in flight low over the water. Thankfully it stayed rather than heading off elsewhere and giving chance for others to see this little stunner. 

As far as I can recall the last record in Calderdale was of one on Fly Flatts in 1979 and previously one on Scammonden in Aug 1977 (to confirm this latter record)
Hopefully someone will put some photos on later rather than my 'record shots' !!

Extract from D I Crawshaw's Ornithological Report for Halifax Scientific Society 1978-79
"Black-necked Grebe  
"Fly Flats - 1 from 21st - 23rd August 1979 (N.O et al)"
"Fly Flats - 1 on 8th September 1979 (N.C. et al)"
"These were considered to be different individuals"

Also today
We also received a report of 5 Whooper Swans over Skircoat, towards Sowerby Bridge  around 08:45 ish. One skein of Pink-footed Geese also reported from 2 locations - Soil Hill 10:30 (JJL) and probably the same ones, c180 over Gorple/Walshaw (SiB).


Brian Sumner . said...

So where was I in 1979 when one was on my patch, birding somewhere but not Fly Flatts obviously. Last in B.O.G. was,I think, 2016 at Otley. It stayed throughout October.

AndyC said...

Great find DF,,,cheers

NTBR said...

Well done Dave. A cracking sighting.

Thanks for the post Dave S.