Wednesday, October 07, 2020


 Scammonden - c73 pink-footed Geese >SE this morning around 09:50 (AT)

A good find of a scarce bird in our recording area yesterday with a Marsh Tit at Scammonden (JB)

Another 'pinkie' skein  yesterday afternoon with c100 >SW over Holmfield around 16:55 (MM)

Plenty of Jays being reported throughout Calderdale, pretty normal this time of year as they arrive to feast on the acorn crop etc. 10+ Jays on the reclaimed landfill site between Brackenbed and Shroggs Road this morning. It's also a good spot for Bullfinch with the number of Prunus species there. Also 6 Redwings and several Blackbirds feeding in the Rowans with c40 Redwings high >W.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Marsh Tit is a good find by JB. I think there are old records for Cromwell Bottom (EGP).
Closest I've seen them is round the lake at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Bretton Park,) but not on any of the few visits I've made in recent years.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Oops, the record/s for Cromwell Bottom were Willow Tit, as were the few I saw at Bretton Hall years ago.

We had a longish look at Scammonden today (10th Oct.) at about the same time JB got the Marsh Tit sighting, but two Long-tailed Tits and a wren were all we found.