Monday, October 05, 2020

Lee Mount and Wainstalls/Cold Edge

Lee Mount - 2 different Common Buzzards at different times mid morning both >SE. 
Also quite a surprise to see 2 small birds in the shrubs this morning (thinking Yellow-browed Warbler !!!) got the 'bin's in them quickly - turned out to be  2 Goldcrests together. Scarce birds here !

Fields at Wainstalls (Hunter Hill) produced a flock of c60 Meadow Pipits but not much else. Similar return from Cold Edge but we did find 7 Stonechats in total (groups of 4 and 3) and 2 Kestrels and 7 Moorhen.


Brian Sumner . said...

Sorry I could,nt stop to talk Dave, dashing back for a vets appointment, for the dog, not me.

David Sutcliffe said...

No problem. It weren't a good place to stop anyway !

Unknown said...

2 Buzzards arrived over Wyke late morning one bird south/East, the other East, then
2 Buzzard late afternoon, with one, calling constantly going in direction of Lee Mount, the second bird broke away and flew off towards Chain Bar Roundabout, M62.