Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cold Edge

Thanks to Alan T for the lift so we could do Cold Edge from The Withens this morning. Glorious weather but not many birds showing so we concentrated on butterflies. How amazing was that, to see so many different species plus one or two day flying moths.

Swifts and Swallows and 5+ Tufted Duck on the lower dam, a few B H Gulls, usual Canada's, a few Goldfinch, a Kestrel and a distant Buzzard was the best we could muster - till we returned !

On passing Moorlands Farm we were suspicious about a small bird flitting about the ruined barns thinking maybe Black Redstart (?). Our thinking was soon confirmed. A Black Redstart, juvenile. It was continually harassed by a Robin and hopefully it will stay around for a few days.
AT got a few shots off to post later. BS also found the bird later on though it was proving to be quite elusive at times.

Black Redstarts are scarce breeding birds in Britain and this juvenile is probably a dispersing bird from the north or east coast or even continental origin though the latter seems les likely given the time of the year(?).

If anyone goes looking for the bird then please respect the residents privacy and do not enter the grounds/ buildings for obvious safety reasons. Best viewed from the nearby public footpath/track.

See West Yorkshire Birding link for some smart pictures of the bird taken later in the afternoon by BS.


Brian Sumner . said...

You,re getting a dab hand at these Black Reds Dave.I,m wondering if you have a tame one you keep taking out with you. A chance in a million to find that today. Well done to you both, thats another one I owe you.

AndyC said...

Might not have come that far.....great find....

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