Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Today's news

A nice record from PG of a female type Black Redstart in Greenwood Clough this morning. A site just up the road from the top end of Baitings Reservoir. Scarce migrants in Calderdale but always one to look out for in  spring and autumn and even into early winter. usually found around ruined buildings, rocky areas and stone walls as was the case with this individual.
The bird was also seen later in the morning (AC) but a search late afternoon (AH) failed to find the bird but came across 3 Wheatears in the same locality.

3 Wheatears also seen today from the upper end of Crimsworth Dean (NG)  along with lots of Fieldfares moving >N nearby at Lumb Falls.

A nice find earlier in the day for Jacky with a Red Kite, near Cragg Vale.

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