Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sticky Binouclars

I have unearthed a pair of Praktica 7-21x25 zoom bins when moving house. I'm not even sure who gave them me, as I certainly didn't buy them and had forgotten I even had them.

I thought I might leave them in the kitchen to watch our yard feeder when I install it, but I found the rubber armour has gone sticky, and leaves black marks on my hands. Has anybody ever encountered this, and if so, did they find a solution?

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Steve Blacksmith said...

I had a nice pair of Leica years ago but birding in a tropical place and almost mithered to death by mozzies I slapped on the Jungle Formula.
Shortly after I noticed the eye cups dissolving, and though I tried to wipe the insect repellent off, it seemed to have percolated the rubber which then gradually wore away till it was all gone.

If it does that to rubber !!!