Sunday, December 23, 2018


Poor weather last few days but still a few birds about locally.
21st  Dec - Peregrine on and off  flying around and on the top of Dean Clough big chimney - I understand it's called the 'Corona Chimney'
A lot of Redwings (60+) around Halifax including Sainsbury's car park and Mulcture Hall Road, below Wickes. It's always worth checking town centre areas in winter.

At home a nice surprise today (23rd) on the garden feeder with a single Brambling which was even seeing off the usually dominant Nuthatch's and Great Tits.
Tawny Owl 'ke-wicking' tonight on the edge of Shroggs Park.

From Elland (JB) a Chiffcaff last Wed/Thu/Fri by the riverbank >W of Elland Bridge


Aziza Mills said...

Also had 2 brambling in my garden yesterday for the first time - they seem to be having a good year.

Steve Blacksmith said...

We keep looking for the Waxwings in Tod. Plenty of Redwings.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice one with a Brambling in the garden Dave!
I've had no luck with Tawny Owl this year
(Hawkeye Sue normally finds one for me at Bolton Abbey).