Monday, December 17, 2018

Around and about !

Mixenden Reservoir
1 Cormorant and not much else !

Soil Hill
1 Snipe
1 Grey Heron
1 Blackbird
1 Kestrel
18 Magpies by the small shelter belt by the road

Pellon Lane (area just below Queens Road - checked the area with Nick)
4 Waxwings yesterday from BS but no sign of them today
Lots of thrushes feeding on the berrying trees. Mostly Redwings then Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds though I found a couple of Song Thrush and a single Brambling along with a small group of Chaffinch's and Goldfinch

Wheatley Valley (Shroggs former landfill)
More Redwings, Mistle Thrushes and Blackbirds heading down there to roost
6 Bullfinch together near Brackenbed and 2 Jays
Flock of around 16 Long-tailed Tits
A nice count of 112 Magpies coming in to roost - but I had to leave before the main influx arrived so I hope to try a count again later on in the month

1 comment:

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Great reports there Dave.
Plenty happening Thrush wise now.