Monday, December 03, 2018

Fly Flatts (and later Cold Edge)

BS's Snow Bunting - on the hunt .....Met up with AT and JM at Fly Flatts this morning - in the pouring rain but by the time we arrived on the west banking the rain had just about stopped and the weather started to clear up. Despite an extensive search we were unable to relocate yesterdays gem from Brian, but that's how it goes sometimes !
1 Stonechat along the top road
c42 Mallard
2 Kestrels
6 Herring Gulls >W
1 adult Great Black-backed Gull came in over The Nab and landed on the water just as we were leaving.

On the way home I met Pete who was on his way to Cold Edge with his parting word of - 'I'll let you know if I find anything' !! Not long after that, Pete rang me - Red-crested Pochard on Leadbeather Dam. A great find and a new bird for the Calderdale list and co-incidentally my long-awaited 200th species for Calderdale though I am still a few behind Nick and Andy and perhaps others.

Cold Edge - the Red-crested Pochard was still on the dam mid afternoon and thankfully Nick got some pretty good shots.
Not a lot else other than a few wildfowl in the area
3 Teal
2 Tufted Duck
c30 Mallard
1 Grey Heron
15+ Greylag Geese
87 Canada Geese
Pair of Stonechats at Moorland Farm (just below 'The Withens', down the track towards Cold edge)


Brian Sumner . said...

Hard luck on the Snow Bunt Dave, a foggy night would have been beneficial to keep it down. Plenty time for more through yet. GBB is a rare visitor to Fly Flatts, I usually get 1 fly over per year.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

200 Club Dave !! - congratulations.