Thursday, October 11, 2018

Various 10th October

From PJWS at Cold Edge - 3 skeins of Pink-footed Geese >W around 11:30 - 95, 100, 130.
Also 1 f Teal and 2 f Tufted Duck on the lower dam.

Earlier in the day some more 'pinks' with 225 first seen over Shibden at 09:00 (CS) and soon afterwards near Todmorden at 09:20 (PG). Also from (MH). c125 over Brighouse towards Ainley Top at 11:30.

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Unknown said...

Just thought i would let you know these Geese flew from Chain Bar Roundabout along the A58, 150+ in the first lot and a further 46 in the skein following flying fairly fast as they came out of the mist at Wyke at 9.01am when i managed to get a photo of the last skein. by the time you saw them possibly all merged together.
Phil Andrew