Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hunter Hill

Had  a stroll around the hill this afternoon thinking maybe still some butterfly's about on the sheltered side of the hill facing Mixenden Reservoir and plantation - Wrong ! no shelter at all from the wind so butterfly's were at a premium.
1 Green Woodpecker - very vocal
1 Wheatear near the quarry. Didn't check the quarry as there were heavy plant operating in there at the time.
c60 in the finch flock near Nolstar feeding on thistle seed heads looked half and half Goldfinch and Linnet
1 Common Buzzard over Mixenden Reservoir and another 2 over Ogden in the distance
2 Sparrowhawk sightings and the same for  Kestrels
No migrants in Slaughter Gap - 2 Blue Tits a Jay and 2 Magpies
3 adult Common Gulls >W

Also I was pretty sure (but not 100% !) that 2 Crossbills flew over me from the direction of Mixenden plantation. They went down in the quarry - I thought -  I guess there's a puddle there and they've dropped in for a drink (as Crossbills do regularly after feeding). Up the hill to check - right about a puddle but the birds had gone !!! might have been's !!! so will have to let them go.
Mixenden Reservoir from Hunter Hill (looking >SE)


Brian Sumner . said...

Good exercise running up and down Slaughter Gap Dave.

Unknown said...
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