Sunday, September 09, 2018

Fly Flatts etc.

Late afternoon with BS patrolling the west bank in the westerly gale I viewed from the comfort of the car on the top road !

Strong wind, choppy conditions and with sunlight glistening on the wet mud it made viewing difficult from both sides of the reservoir. Nothing doing for a while, other than 13 Teal on the edge of the mud and a buzzard >W.

Managed to get rather a poor view of a duck, larger than the Teal. As soon as I got the scope on, it took off and I followed it, with difficulty, until it landed in the choppy water near the south west corner. Immediately thought - Pintail which was later confirmed by BS as he went to and fro trying to get a decent photo of the bird.
He did well in the conditions - see West Yorkshire Birding blog - confirming an eclipse male Pintail. Quite a scarce bird for Calderdale with only one or two records annually.

Also from AT this afternoon - 3 Ring-necked Parakeets in the Pye Nest area.


Brian Sumner said...

Brian said.... Great bit of birding Dave to pick that out and id it in fhose conditions.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Super stuff Dave.