Monday, September 17, 2018

C.20 Twite on Edge Lane, Colden, Sunday 16th Sept.

The Twite landed on the rocks above May's country shop on Edge Lane, Colden. Anyone with a long lens would have got a good picture as their warm brown breasts glowed in the low sun.
They were pecking at the seeding weeds on the rocks, and there is an area of disturbed soil just at the side of the old quarry which has plenty of other annual weeds.

As it was we only had compact cameras with us and couldn't get a good shot. Through my 30x scope I couldn't see any colour rings. None of them yet showed their yellow winter beak colour.

It was at 6.30pm. There's a good lay-bye conveniently in the best spot.

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David Sutcliffe said...

That was a good find Steve. A very special bird for us nowadays !