Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Withens Clough Reservoir

It's always a nice walk up there even if you don't see a lot...though we always live in anticipation and we were not disappointed this morning.

Early signs of movement when 3 Black-headed Gulls dropped in for a short while and moved off >W. Then as we walked around the far side we noticed another small gull on the water. The water was choppy and the bird distant but we suspected a Kittiwake. It sat about on the water for a long time and it didn't give a lot away. Eventually it stretched it's wings and yes it was what we expected.

The only confusion was the possibility of it being and adult Common Gull in full summer plumage, even they are rare here in mid-summer.. Shortly after, it took off, as if to head high and >W but it went back down on the water and was still there at 12:45. Maybe a tired bird possibly blown inland after the recent strong winds. It's certainly not one to expect in June when it would normally be at coastal breeding sites.
Record shot only below was the best I could do..(click to enlarge!)
Adult Kittiwake

Also nearby, up the hill from the car park we checked a reliable spot for singing Grasshopper Warbler. Jen heard it for quite a while but try as I might my hearing would not lock on to it !!


Brian Sumner . said...

Top man at clocking these Kittiwakes Dave, not a bird to expect in June.

David Sutcliffe said...

Bit of team-work today Bri. Nice to get the Scoters.