Friday, June 22, 2018

Sand Martins

I came across a very accesible small colony yesterday - is it okay to publish details?

EDIT: It's immediately upstream of Elland Bridge by the side of the towpath. There were six adults present two of which were seen entering nest holes in a derelict mill.
There were two adults present there in April.


David Sutcliffe said...

Nice one Charlie. I can't see any problems with that. We already have one or two potential sites but they seem to be a bit hit and miss from year to year.

Green Business Network (GBN) said...

.. and about the same number just around the corner in the side of the bridge itself (in the tarmac car park) - visible from our (GBN/GFB) window.

charlie streets said...

That's great, will do a quick count next time I'm in the area - hopefully they will be a permanent feature.