Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Great crested grebes with chicks, Ringstone

Lovely to see the Great crested grebes have successfully hatched two young , both feeding and doing well

Edit - called today and they have 3 chicks, must have missed one the other day

A couple of  heavy cropped photos courtesy of Mrs Lynn D

Also, from out and about the last few evenings from various undisclosed sites, a Barn Owl that took me completely by surprise, it was that close I couldn't get its wings in shot and in my excitement I forgot  I could shorten the focal length :)

And what has to be one of my favourite birds, a Long-eared owlet, lovely to see and hear calling for food.

For anyone interested in the technical side, this was another shot taken at the extremes, 1/320th, f6.3   ISO 22,800 handheld. I've done some noise reduction in pp'ing and it's 'cleaned up' not too bad.

Thanks for the comments on the Spotted flycatcher, just noticed I never replied back, was a cracking bird to see.


David Sutcliffe said...

All look pretty brilliant to me Lynn and Phil - what a team !

Brian Sumner . said...

Stonking noise free pic at those settings Phil , my limit is 16.000 on the Canon 7d mk2.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Cool Pics.

ChrisJB said...

Great shots Phil.

Phil D said...

Many thanks for the comments.

Brian, I use Nik Dfine as an add on to Photoshop Elements 15 for all my noise reduction on J-pegs in pp'ing.
You can selective work on whatever areas need it most, with choice of brush size and opacity, its a great tool with the added bonus, its free! cheers

Brian Sumner said...

Brian said.. Thanks Phil but I never use any photoshop. With limited time I just drop them from the camera to the computer then onto the blog.