Sunday, April 01, 2018


Male and female yesterday evening, around 7pm,  last field on right past Moselden quarry,  B6114
Got a few record shots

Long-eared owl, undisclosed site later in the evening, , it was nearly dark by the time it showed.

This was shot at 1/20th, f6.3, 16,000 ISO, heavy crop

Also on way home, Little owl on lamp post near Moorcock, Norland


Brian Sumner . said...

Working right on the cameras limit there Phil. A cracking shot of the LEO at those settings with very little noise. Must be a Canon?

Phil D said...

Cheers Brian, I'm a Nikon man ;) D7200, Sigma 150-600 c

Used the wall as a tripod, manual focus and two second timer to try eliminate any camera shake. The shutter speed was that slow, if it moved its head, there was motion blur :)

Bump into Alan T this morning, had 20 minutes looking for the Wheatears but couldn't find them, although I had 1 male on wall, down by old ruins at Deanhead, same bird maybe? but couldn't see a female.

Brian Sumner . said...

All my tackle is Canon with the Sigma 150-600 s. Ive never used Nikon but I think Nikon and Canon are about equal. Brave man using Manual focus in poor light, I always seem to struggle on manual in sunlight but I think my eyes have seen better days. Keep em coming.

David Sutcliffe said...

Well done Phil

Dave Brotherton said...

Nice one Phil, up the Nikon lol