Thursday, April 26, 2018

Luddenden Dean

Thanks to Steve B for showing me around a part of the dean I'd not explored before.
A local heronry checked with just a single bird present.
One Swift was found with a few House Martins all high up near Oats Royd. The Swift drifted off >S but the House Martins were still there this afternoon when I revisited with Jen to see a lovely patch of Wood Anenomies which Steve pointed out earlier. This afternoon there were 30+ House Martins present with a similar number of Swallows - but the Swift had gone.

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

Need some warmer weather soon Dave.
I've only seen one House Martin, and that was not a local sighting.
A few Swallows are about on Bradshaw Lane.
Congratulations on your hi-tech blog, from your iPhone - looks to have worked fine.

David Sutcliffe said...

Cheers John - works from the phone via email but I don't bother with pictures from the phone. They can always be put on afterwards back at 'the office'!
Yes the hirundines were near Oats Royd (but a different site from yours !)

David Sutcliffe said...

If you go into your blog settings you can set up an email address to send them directly to your blog. I find it useful if I can't get to the laptop during the day.

Steve Blacksmith said...

No problem Dave. Pity the householders seem to have felled some of the trees that had held up to four nests. Maybe the herons will choose some of the other large trees in the neighbourhood.