Saturday, April 28, 2018

Buzzard - missing feathers

Went on my annual failed search for Redstarts. Did get at least one cuckoo, sparrowhawk, several chiffchaffs and willows,  kestrel and pair of buzzards.  Does anyone know why this one would have symmetrical missing feathers? Could it just be moulting? 


David Sutcliffe said...

Extract from the BTO
Late May / early June.... (Common) Buzzards have already begun to moult wing and tail feathers, which can alter the appearance of the wings in relation to the tail, potentially resulting in the tail appearing longer.

Hi Muxy. I'm certainly no authority on moult but I think many raptors can shown signs of moult over a longer period. Juveniles out of the nest have a full compliment of new feathers so possibly one of the ways of identifying juvs from adults in autumn is that the adults are still showing signs of moult.(?)

David Sutcliffe said...

You'll get the Redstart this summer - hopefully !!