Thursday, December 31, 2015


After the devastation in Mytholmroyd, I automatically stopped on the bridge on way to work yesterday morning, looking towards Brierley. There, in its usual place, was a dipper! On the same stones as I see it most mornings! Where on earth had it been sheltering from the floods, I wonder? Looking further downstream were 2 pairs of mallards & a pair of goosander. I see 2 dipper regularly but on a couple of occasions a some months ago there were 3 - one very vocal juvenile.


NTBR said...

Sandra, you probably know this already...dippers are also seen on Elphin Brook.

David Sutcliffe said...

Pleased the dippers are still there Sandra - well done.

Sandra said...

NTBR - not sure where Elphin Brook is - I just work in Mytholmroyd and walk from the bus stop so don't really explore any more of the valley there. Tho' I have seen them coming or going up the tributary on the other side of the bridge.