Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mixenden and Fly Flats

First time out for a while and I was just fortunate to get an hour that was dry after all that wet stuff over recent weeks....when will we get some dry days ?

Mixenden Res'r was pretty dead with just 4 Mallard and, most unusual, not a single gull there this afternoon

Fly Flats was pretty dead as well especially with a continuous stream of heavy lorries trundling between the quarry and the wind farm along the top road. The dry spell turned up trumps just as I was about to leave with SEO,  1 Kestrel and  23 Mallard with 3 sub-adult Herring Gulls >SW


Brian Sumner . said...

Good to know there,s still SEOs around. Fly Flatts has never been good for Goldeneye but I,d have expected one at Mixie today.Nice try, Fly Flatts is a nightmare just now with temporary lights and mud caked on the road.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice one with SEO Dave- I'm still hoping to get one on Soil Hill.