Friday, January 13, 2017

Other news

Went to the tip at Lee Bridge this morning. Just unloading when I heard a Dipper call as it flew overhead heading upstream from Dean Clough towards Old Lane/Holmfield. A great bird for such an industrial area and a nice surprise.

I also got a call from my Auntie who lives at Queensbury. Seen 2 different looking birds this morning in the garden  with  a tufts on their heads and having looked through the book thought they could be Waxwings !. Alerted BS who promptly found 6 birds around Moor Close Road. Well done Bri and Auntie D of course. See 'West Yorkshire Birding' blog for report and photos.


Brian Sumner . said...

The powers of communication. Thanks Dave.

Roy Horrobin said...

I see the dipper regularly
Down by old lane mill the stream in between the mill and the recycling depot