Friday, January 27, 2017

Mixenden Reservoir and plantation

Having given it up at Fly Flats I headed down to Mixenden in the hope of getting out of the thick fog.

As soon as I got there a 'pinkie' was calling continuously and circling around the reservoir. This was at the same time as I got a message from DB on Soil Hill about 'pinkies' disorientated in the mist up there. This single bird was also out of it's comfort zone. Surprising how different a single bird sounds compared with a migrating flock !

I got  a few distant shots and it eventually settled in the water and later on the embankment. Looking at the photos now I realise (suspect) why it came down.

It looks like the bird had frozen mud on it's feet, probably from last night maybe in the Lincolnshire or Humberside fields. I guess in the freezing conditions high up did not allow it to thaw out, then the heavy feet held it back from the main flock and it probably got tired with the extra load ?

Maybe landing in the reservoir thawed the frozen 'package' fairly quickly. See some nice shots of the bird seen later on from BS's blog where the feet look clear - West Yorkshire Birding.
I suspect the bird will be off soon enough especially if more pinks head over during the night or in the morning.

Pink-footed Goose with heavy landing gear
Also there this afternoon
2 f Goldeneye
1 Snipe disturbed from the playing field
 14:17 this afternoon 
 15:06 after a change in the temperature !
Common Snipe


Brian Sumner . said...

Did well to snap the Snipe Dave, they dont give you a second chance.

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Nice shots Dave, and poor Pinkie