Saturday, January 07, 2017


I called in there for an hour early afternoon after a text earlier from DF about 4 Shelduck there this morning. They were still there but distant on the reservoir embankment.

Scanning over towards the west fields I saw part of  a large flock of Canada Geese so I went round to the road just past the reservoir house. Fortunately I had the scope with me and it was certainly needed.

160 Canada Geese with 120 Pink-footed Geese feeding on the slope along with 35 Lapwing, c160 Black-headed Gulls and c50 Common Gulls. Also a few Starlings and corvids but no sign of the recent Golden Plover.

The 'pinkies' were a real treat - we usually just get them high overhead but with thick fog to the west I guess they had thought better of heading through it and instead come down, perhaps attracted by the Canadas. I scanned through, carefully but couldn't find anything different with them.
Well worth checking the site tomorrow especially if fog persists to the west !

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