Thursday, January 05, 2017

Swales Moor and other news today

Totally dead  at Swales and along the top at Ringby Lane this morning. Nothing moving at all and nothing on the top except a few corvids, 13 Starlings and 6 Stock Doves.

Better news from AC - with c60  Waxwings still in the area at Lane Head, Brighouse this morning.

Masses of Black-headed and and Common Gulls (600+) at Ringstone late afternoon in the wake of the 'muck spreader'. There could well be something in among the gulls but it's probably a scope job.
I guess the farmer is getting the tractor on the land with the firmness of the frost in it but if the weather turns wet then maybe he won't continue ! Still,  it's always worth checking those fields !


Bradshaw Rambler said...

A real shame there, on Swalesmoor on such a beautiful day, Dave.
It's a rare day when you don't come up with something special!!


David Sutcliffe said...

Cheers John. Good on the top but below in the valleys there was the pollution with extensive blue/grey haze. I couldn't believe how many smoking fires there were around the town and hillsides - and at a distance, the moorland burning going on in the High Peak - it's dreadful !

AndyC said...

Cracking male Widgeon and plenty Snipe at Ringstone this morning..