Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Walshaw Dean and Lower Gorple

An afternoon with AT in the overcast and misty conditions - but it could have been worse by just about avoiding the dense banks of fog.
Very few birds about but what we found were very acceptable !
Walshaw Dean plantation - at least 6 Crossbill in the top of the Spruce's
c70 Fieldfare >SE
Small flock of Goldfinch

Lower Gorple Reservoir
1 male Kestrel near the Pack Horse
1 Dipper
7 Brambling came in to roost in the plantation near the former reservoir keepers house and obliged by alighting in the very top of a tall Larch
1 Herring Gull >W
19 Pink-footed Geese arrived from the west, meandered about a couple of times, obviously disorientated in the mist but they left probably towards Walshaw Reservoirs ?

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