Saturday, January 28, 2017


Four White-fronted Geese (found yesterday by Dave T) were still present at Ringstone up till at least 12:20 this morning in the west field with c180 Canada's. Good to see lots of observers up there for the special occasion. ! Birds still present at 16:30
Not sure if anyone got some decent photos? The site was fogged off early on then as it cleared the rain came down for most of the day and the birds were quite distant on the edge of the Canada flock.

A good number of smaller gulls there as well as Golden Plovers and Lapwings.
Male Pochard was on Ringstone at 10.30 but not seen subsequently (JB et al)
Teal count up to 40 on the res'r but disappearing into the shoreline vegetation.


S Gray said...

glad you got to see them, the power of twitter hey .all good here

Andrew Huyton said...

Thanks for the heads up Sean, great to see you keeping an eye on your old stomping patch. Lovely shot of the merlin too.

S Gray said...

Thanks. Pleased with it to.always read blog and Dave tatt often tells me on twitter if he gets owt up there knew WFG was a twitch 😀