Saturday, April 18, 2015


Hello all, I think I may have just had a Whimbrel over my house at Highroad Well

It has just shot over being chased by a crow and was alarm calling and my first thought was Curlew as it had long wings and was Curlew shaped but the alarm call was not I am familiar with.  On Googling it and listening to several plover sounds the sound it made fit perfectly with a Whimbrel

Is this possible?  If so its my first Whimbrel ever and it was actually flying over my house...!  Although im not sure it counts as I dont normally count it as a sighting until Im totally positive of the ID


Vicki Johnson said...

By the way Ive been checking the call out for the past hour and im pretty certain in was a Whimbrel. Despite being a bit giddy as its my first but im pretty positive that's what it was. bit pleased with myself now!

ChrisJB said...

Very probable I'm sure Vicki. The call is really quite distinctive, very easy to separate from a curlew. This is a typical time of the year to see them on passage too.

Bruce said...

Hi Vicky
As Chris says it is a very distinctive call. I heard one in the middle of the night flying over the house May 14th 2012 03:30 am, it woke me up. It was unmistakable. Nice record.

AndyC said...

I was in Filey last night and had a couple of Whimbrel going over at about 10.55 last night.