Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Castle Carr Road / Luddenden Dean

At least 3 male Ring Ouzels still in the area by the broken down cabins along C C Road this afternoon along with 4 Wheatears
2 pairs of Little Owls nearby and a Cuckoo singing and showing well in the Dean near 'The Nunnery'
1 Sparrowhawk
4+ Kestrels
A few Willow Warblers
1 Nuthatch
Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming
Just one Linnet flyover
A few Swallows about on territory
Also a good number of Small Tortoiseshell, c10 Peacock and 2 Green Viened White butterfly's

6 Ring Ouzels Castle Carr Road again near the cabins late afternoon. KL and PL
Don't try driving on there tomorrow - resurfacing!!!


Brian Sumner . said...

Best year for a long time for Ring Ouzel

Muxy said...

Raced up after getting home from work at 8pm and got 3 (1m, 2f) in the gulley below the cabins. Managed to get a record short (these really are record shots!) of each type in fading light at 8.15. Thrilled as I haven't had any Ring Ouzels for a few years and never a photo. Plent of other wildlife about including Little Owl, Lapwings, Curlew and plenty of Mipits. Also a couple of Blackbirds which made things tricky but the calls helped massively until you got good views. Thanks everyone for the tip off.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Glad you got them Muxy. Special birds for us though they just seem to move through nowadays rather than staying for the summer.