Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dotterel Day

I managed to get up there about 7 pm and got straight on to them at the same site as described earlier, about 50 yds in from the road feeding on the short turf. They looked fantastic in the evening sunshine and I viewed them from the car rather than risk disturbing them - though the camera was in the boot ! The farmer passed on a quad and they moved down the hillside with just heads showing.
Then at 7:45 pm they took off, went very high and headed >NE and across the valley towards Blackshaw Head area. I guess they won't be back there in the morning !
Also from BL - a Whimbrel over earlier


NTBR said...

Good to get them David.

Sandra said...

We were there about 8.30 but didn't see them, though a man there said he'd seen them a bit earlier. Would have been a lifer too!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Sorry you missed them Sandra. Someone else turned up just 5 minutes after they left !!