Saturday, April 11, 2015


A couple of hours ago a beautiful male brambling flew into the window of my son's neighbours in Cornholme, Todmorden. They thought it was dead but it came round after a short time and after a few attempts it flew into a nearby tree. While it was playing dead they had the chance to take note of the number on a ring on its leg and are interested to know where the bird had come from. Half an hour ago they were looking on the BTO website and I wanted to ask someone on this site if this is the best place to start, please? Sandra


jamie said...

HI Sandra,

you can report a ring here -

was the ring in english? if so, it might be worth putting the number up here, some local bird ringers may recognise the code!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Yes Sandra the BTO will have the records of ringing. their web site will have link to report ringed birds.
Fantastic find well done and what a relief for the bird to recover. They are on their way back to Northern Europe.

Matt Bell said...

Are there any photos of the bird Sandra?

Sandra said...

Dave - thanks for that. The BTO gave a link to photos of assorted rings and they completed the form and returned.

Matt - Will enquire about photo


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Lets hope they locate the birds ringing history before too long. Please keep us posted when you get a reply. I guess I look forward to that as much as you do.

Think it sometimes takes some time if the bird was ringed outside the UK!

Sandra said...

Of course I'll post with any results we get. A couple of guys from Finland seem interested to know too.