Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dipper News, sadly since getting back to work from holiday, I have not seen a dipper in our stream, but other folk have and seen thee bird(s) going into the hole I spotted one using before Easter, so there is still some hope. However I have been puzzling over another bird, flying out from the bank over the beck, flycatching and flying back usually to a perch I cant see. I watched it several days this week and then on Thursday - finally, the bird stopped where I could see it and I had a pair of bins! It was the typical Chiff chaff/ Willow warbler shape, the eye stripe, the hint of colour on the breat , the olive green back, all the rest. So which one,I did get a really good view and it was flycatching, which I don't think Chiff Chaffs do so I can confirm a willow warbler in Halifax Town centre!

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